Public Domain, Death of Capitalism, and Loser Bowls.

It is 2019, yeah, what a year, what a year.  First the good:  The Public Domain is back due partly that Sonny Bonner is dead -- Sony Bono was married to Cher, they use to do a comedy act and once had a number one hit called: "The Beat Goes On."  Sony became a Republican politician in the 80's and gave us the bill to extend all copyright material for another 20 years.  Disney had paid hi a lot and sure enough, the original Micky Mouse got another 20 years of profits!  Hallelujah!  Praise Jesus.

Today, that law has expired and so we will start getting new things in the public domain every year.  Along with the Disney mouse, there is the original Superman, Charley Chaplin, and the Stopping By The Woods on a Snowy Evening" by David Frost. 

So that is some great news which we can give Donald Trump credit for because he had congress so fucked up, they can't even pass their good old-fashion greedy policies, for being focused on a 5 Billion dollar wall everyone knows if built, will give us the happiest day in the world when it is destroyed for a bridge -- like the Berlin wall, remember that one?  Kept Communism out... or in?   No one really ever knew.

Yes, 2019 is here, and something else we can look forward to is...  in a poll reported in Vox, only 60 percent of Americans believe that a free market capitalistic society is good.  That's about the percentage of people with good jobs.  That number is actually down from 80 percent 10 years ago when I had a great corporate job.  What is even more telling, only 42 percent of milliennials support capitalism.  Why?  Well, that article said because of the income gap between the rich and the poor, but I think it is with just the downright lying in this country.  It has gotten so bad you don't know what to believe.  Take for instance the biggest problem with today's free market.  It has been deregulated to the point where it is destroying the environment as well as the people it is tossing aside without safety nets and all for profits, Profits, PROFITS!!!!   We all know this is the Republican Party game plan:  destroy all regulations, let the greedy bastards do as they want, fuck the environment, fuck the people.   Even they will admit it after a few Bud Lights and cheap cigars.   Where is the lying?  They call it "Neoliberalism."  NEOLIBERALISM?  Are you shiting me?  Neoliberalism was the New Deal where corporations and banks were held accountable and the middle class was given a safety net from the greedy bastards.  It's NeoConservatism! ass-whole.

Finally, there is college football.  WTF?   No one is a loser!  Everyone gets a bowl!   Vince Lombardi, the coach of the Green bay Packers is turning in his grave.  There use to be a Loser Bowl in the NFL.  It was called the Bert Bell Benefit Bowl in which would decide the 3rd place winner.  It drove Lombardi nuts and was a big reason they did away with it.  In college football, UT Texas won the Sugar Bowl after having loss the championship game to OU.  It total bullshit and here's why.  Most of these kids watching are the same kids crying that job quotas for minorities are criminal.  They don't see that they are using the same logic to win a bowl game.   They think that trying to change the face of corporate American by requiring more people-of-color and woman in the top positions, is reverse discrimination, but when their college is given a Loser Bowl to put in the year book, they don't see that as wrong.  Nor, do they think it is wrong to have their high-schools football teams broken down by class to give the smaller schools a chance instead of letting the rich schools when the championship each year.

Wait, do you think I'm down on Loser Bowls?   No, I'm trying to get you see that job quotas are necessary as long as 89.3 percent of all CEO are Angry White men. Hook 'em Horns.  OU sucks!

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