Jacking Off is Abortion.

Once upon a time there was a king who liked walls.

And so he built them wherever he went.

He built them between lies and true

Between rich and poor

and even, between the limited sack

of junk in his pants

This king of kings, savior of the 26% of people who vote, was none other than the lord Donald Trump

delivered to us by none other than Jesus Christ the Superstar!

"I give you this man after my own heart," said Jesus Christ Superstar to his church, "for he..."

It took Jesus Christ the Superstar a few second to come up with a reason, but surely enough, he was Jesus Christ the Superstar and so never failed at anything, and so said, "for he is on Fox TV News."

To which all the Fox followers, 16 percent of the voting populace to be exact, mostly living in gated communities with exclusive zip codes and pretend-to-be farms, yelled "Hurray, the Lord has Spoken!" 

And so, this great president who was known to have had abortions for unwanted children by the unfaithful woman he impregnated, told those who believed it was a sin to abort microscopic skin cells, to stop jacking off.  

But of course as we all know, he never quit, I mean, come on, who can?  We all do it and all will be condemned to hell for aborting  sperm.  It's in the bible!  Genesis 38:6–10

What if more people voted.  

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