Bush 41 Yin or Yang?

So Former President, George W Bush (Bush 41) died yesterday.  He only served one-term as president because he was a moderate at a time the Conservative Right Madness of Today was just beginning to grow into the Donald Trump Escher painting it is.  

In this morning’s news, I was shocked to find an article on Bush 41 stating that he was an Environmentalist.  In a  Forbes article titled “The Surprising Climate And Environmental Legacy Of President George H. W. Bush (google it, I definitely won’t link to it), they give Bush credit as an environmentalist because of the “Global Change Research Act of 1990” signed by him as president.  This is bullshit, Bush 41 signed it because the Democrats had control of the house and senate and he had no choice!  Truth is Bush 41 thought Global Warming was a joke, and when running against Bill Clinton called Al Gore “Ozone Man” to great applauds from his supporters at his rallies.  I know, I attended one here in Dallas.   

Now, as with every Yin there is a Yang,  and the truth is, Bush 41 was a moderate and the kind of Republican I once was.  When Bush 41 was running against Ronald Reagan he called Reagan’s race-to-the-bottom tax cuts “Voodoo Economics.”  Funny how Forbes didn’t want to tell us about that?  Or how about this one, although kept secret — except in a book Bush 41’s wife Barbara wrote where she admits they didn’t want to piss off the Power Religion and so keep it secret — Bush 41 also believed in a Woman’s Right to Choose and the proof of this is as much in his silence on the subject as it is with Barbara’s forgotten book.  

Now there’s a story for you Forbes! 

Which brings me to today’s subject boys-and-girls: the Tai Chi.  Yes, that symbol of light and darkness which really seems to represent former president George H. W. Bush’s life.   

Although the Tai Chi symbolizing is familiar to many, some may not realize that the white stands for an emerging foreground, while the black stands for its containing background.  Basically the Tai Chi depicts the modern idea of active field and passive ground.  Yang and Yin are complementary necessities to each other.  Bright yang cannot actively emerge without having a dark background; yin cannot passively contain without having something to hold.  One cannot exist without the other.  They do not fight as in Western thought; instead they enable each other to exist.

The Tai Chi’s dot of white within black, and of black within white symbolizes the dynamic potential for the forces to change into each other — meaning that the background can rise into foreground by giving it attention, as meanwhile the foreground will recede into the background of attention.

Consider the familiar vase/faces of gestalt psychology.  You may suppose that in this image, white symbolizes the actively emerging yang foreground, while black symbolizes a passively holding yin background.  But that isn’t quite the case, for if it were so, then you would only see the white faces and never the black vase. 

"What's it all about?" you ask.  

Well, Bush 41 was a CIA man when Kennedy was assassinated.  He was referenced in a FBI memo, and then, of course, became the head of the CIA in the 70's out of nowhere.  He wasn't even an agent.  

I believe, now that Bush 41 has passed over, there will be some truth on the Kennedy murders come to light.  Some seeds he planted somewhere.  

You wait and see. 

I'll leave it there and let this creative video I made back in the 90's explain the rest. 


I think I was totally respectful of the guy here, wasn't I?  I mean, I once had to wait 30 minutes on Stemmons Freeway for his motorcade to pass so he could give a speech at the Hilton... I'm just saying. 

~~ Dr TV Boogie

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