Happy Thanksgiving Everyone. Making America Great Again!

It's Thanksgiving 2018 and it's always such a great time of year to wake up early and see what thankful gifts Santa has left me.  Oppps, wrong Holiday, I mean, get up and be thankful my ancestors weren't the friendly native Americans.

It was inevitable that the Greedy Man with his War God would win everything.  The God we all serve.  No matter if you are a peace Loving Buddhist or Abortion Hating Christian.   We are all serving the same beast: Greed.  We want it all and we want more and we want to do it with nice earrings and pretty smelling feet.  We've been programed to want more and more and more... and it never stops.  We never have enough.

So, on this day when we are all supposed to be thankful, be thankful of this:  we still have more than those other bastards headed our way in a caravan.  What gives them the right to want to come to the Land of Opportunity!  If the War God wanted them to be American they would be American, or at least, Canadian.  Bastards!

So yes, friends, I've decided to follow the Trump mold: America First!

And it really is liberating.  I just stick my nose up, and look down at those less-fortunate scum. Who do they think they are?  To help them would be a liberal act of kindness.  Can't have that.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.  Making America Great Again!

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Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!