Trumps School Shooting Wall

You don't think the truth is out there in the universe?  Think again.  The Goddess of truth is coming.  Take for instance Hurricane Florence, Earth's Climate-Change-Denier, pissed-off Mother Earth storm headed straight for Donald Trump.   Is there a connection?  You better believe it.  Let those with eyes, see!  


Earlier this year another Florence storm hit in Florence Alabama long before Donald Trump had called southerners "idiots." 

 Finally, on this opening weekend of football, I get why the conservative-idiots still following Trump are.  They are the Detroit Lion fans of politics.  I watched the Lions game against the New York Jets.  The Lions were spanked.  The worse team since in the last fifty-years of football.  Still, the seats were packed with hope, for for a better year even though they don't have the talent or leadership to do it.  

Trump is the Detroit Lions of politics.  And no matter how many losing seasons he has, his seats will be packed with hope, hope for what, I'm not sure, nonetheless, hope.  

Are you ready for some football!

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Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!