Trump: Hanged Man

 So I'm at a casual dinner with this guy I don't know, it was one of those meetup clubs being held at my local bar and so I decided to attend -- better than drinking alone, shit, better than drinking at all really, but I digress.  So it is just the two of us, not much in common other than being the same skin color.  I guess this is what allowed him to make the assumption I was racist for we started talking about football, and that led to the national anthem and the players refusing to stand for the national anthem.  "I don't usually use the N word," he said, "but...."

Yes, he goes on and uses the N word, to which I say, not-so-jokingly, "you just did (use the N word)."

From there he went on about how CNN and the New York Times were "fake news," and Fox News was fair and balanced.

So much for a nice dinner to escape the news.  Speaking of which, what is up with the Trumpster?  Is he finally going down? According to my tarot, this is the month Trump goes down, and unfortunately, October the bottom falls out of the economy.

So enjoy today everyone, for if my calculations are correct, and I hope not, the bottom falls out in October with or without Trump.

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Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!