Why I am pagan. And praying pastors in support of Trump is Satan.

Why I’m pagan.

First of all, I have nothing against Christians, other than their believe that their god is the only truth and how they push that on others good Americans like myself.  My family goes back to 18th century with this country and have never been Christian.  My great, great grandmother lived in the West Virginia hills, made moonshine, and worshiped the old pagan mountains, trees, breezes and sunshine, which gave her life.  She was the daughter of a white woman and Cherokee man and so wasn’t allowed to go into any of the town buildings.  Living in town or attending the town church wasn’t an option.   She was considered a witch by town gossip and frowned upon until she would be seeked out for a herbal remedy, fortune reading, or shot of moonshine.   

Growing up around her, she never talked about being a pagan or witch, but I knew we were.  Paganism is that way, it doesn’t take Sunday school brainwashing or showy prayer sessions to keep the faith alive.  It’s in you just as breathing air is to our lungs, pagan reasoning is to our minds.  We trusted our hunches, inspected our dreams, and obeyed the superstitions we knew had a reason.  

I’ve never pushed my pagan ways on anyone.  And except for this blog, I keep them to myself.  I’m a lone-wolf in that regard.  I respect all gods, including the Christian god, for gods only have form when we pray to them.  Unfortunately, their god took the old pagans truths and made them lies.   There is no greater example I can give you of this, other than this piece of hate reported in Newsweek:

Pastor Prays For Trump To Defeat Deep State 'Witchcraft', Speaks in Tongues, - Newsweek

It’s this kind of crazy that should make anyone following a loving god wake up.  A loving god wouldn’t say such things.  A loving god would be above it, like my great grandmother with her mountain ways, herbal garden, and moonshine. 

In his most bitch-en book titled “Pagan Theology,” Michael York says, ‘For Romans, the term paganus referred to a “person of the place,” whether town or county, who preserved the native customs of his or her locality.  Thanks to the evilness being exposed by this Christian faith today with their backing of Donald Trump, as well as their other hypocritical ways, this pagan is has gone back to his root religion.  

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