Senator McCain dead: Zombie heads explode!

So, senator McCain has died.   If I played for you our current president's remarks about him, it would be in bad taste.  Unfortunately, anything President Trump does is in bad taste.  He does have his reason though, and I see it today.

I've been trying to figure this shit out.  Serioulsy.  I looked at the hurricane headed for Hawaii a few days ago, and thought I noticed something in the names.  For, in 1959, a hurricane named "Dot," had hit the island.  Still feeling like Donald Trump was a hurricane, I noticed that the "D" could stand for the "D" in "Donald," and the "T" for "Trump."  But the "O?"

I turned my attention to the current storm:  "Lane."  Nothing there.  I spelled in backwards: "Enal."  It was a word, I googled it:  Any aldehyde having a neighbouring double bond.  Not much there.  The storm turned west and was downgraded to a really, really, bad president storm. 

At McCain's funeral, Donald Trump isn't even invited, nor are any of his zombie following.  You know, the Night of the Living dead people who just want to eat flesh until we exploded their heads with facts on how they are sinking the boat and we are all going down with them.  

Yes, I have been reduced to to a mix-metaphor, only, however, to explode another zombie head!

Now compare that statement to this one:

In the old-Pagan writings, the devil was a "mocker."  Think about that.   Who's the greatest mocker of them all?  Survey says....

Trump is Satan:

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Thanks For Being!