July 10th, historically Republican

It was a beautiful summer day like this back in 1952 when the Republican Party adopted the Equal Rights Amendment plank as part of their party platform.

What happened?


The Spanish Christian hero El Cid dies in the besieged city of Valencia on this day in 1099.  It is myth that he orders his body be dressed in armor and strapped onto his horse to lead a charge out of the city to break the siege and, despite Charlton Heston's depiction of him on film as a devout Christian warrior, the truth is El Cid was fighting the Moorish mercenaries much as Sir Donald Trump does today.


On this day in 1832, President Andrew Jackson vetoes the renewal of the charter of the Bank of the United States which enjoyed a monopoly on federal government banking but was held in private hands -- just like today's Federal Reserve boys-and-girls.  "It appears that more than a fourth part of the stock is held by foreigners and the residue is held by a few hundred of our own citizens, chiefly of the richest classes (1%)... The bounty of our Government is proposed to be again bestowed on the few who have been fortunate enough to secure the stock and at this moment wield the power of the existing institution.  I can not perceive the justice of policy of this course."

It would take 70 years before the top 1% would finally get their bank in the Federal Reserve we now have that seems to serve no other real reason but to protest the wealtiest Amercians from sharing their love.

Why for have they forsaken us poor bastards?


Today is the Day of Holda, Hela, and Skadi.  It honors the goddesses of Niflheim, the Norse underworld.  Holda is the Snow Queen.  Hela is the goddess of disease.  Skadi is the destroyer goddess.  They hold power in the Trump administration, ha, just kidding, they hold power over death and the shadows.  Kind of like the Trump administration.

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Thanks For Being!