White-Man Rapes Native Americans of their faith. Film at 11.

Today boys and girls, we are going to talk about how the white-man raped the Native Americans of their faith.  That's true, they claimed the Native American's were savages as they stole their land from them and shamed them from their old ways; when shame didn't work, they murdered them savagely.

Fortunately, today, the Christian myth is behind us and we know who the real savages were back then.  Don't we.

June 20th, 1768, 

Preached at Indian Meeting house, to 20 Indians...From Matth: 22:39.  Thou Shalt love they Neighbour as Thy Self--A grace and Duty much Wanting and greatly Neglected Among these Indians.  In the Fore part of My Discourse, Indians Seemd Sleepy and Careless--Digressed and rousd them, by Awakening Touches....
                                                                                                                Joseph Fish (a preacher man)


On this Day before the salvages pushed their gods on us, Cerridwen, the ancient Welsh lunar goddess and keeper of the Otherworld's Sacred Cauldron of Wisdom, where inspiration and divine knowledge are brewed, is honored.  Her sacred herb, Vervain, is burned in small cauldron-like pots, green ribbons are tied to trees, and green candles are lit on altars dedicated to her. 

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Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!