Wednesday Morning Sermon, calling Bull Shit on Jesus.

Nice purging rain this morning at about 3am.  Now it is sunny, clear, cool, birds chirping.   I went to sleep reading about how Adolf Hitler had taken the best art works from the museum for his private estate and wondered, what kind of selfish, egocentric, person puts his personal needs ahead of those of the country he runs?
Oh, yeah, right, we can't take the high ground on that one anymore, can we.  For we now have the most UN-American person in the world as our president, a man who's birthday is the same day as Benedict Arnold was hanged for treason.   What is more scary than this one-person with Hitler needs running our country, is the support he has from a network of news stations, business moguls, and a political party, all in the name of Jesus. 

I get feedback now-and-then asking why I condemn the Jesus, that I should just let them be.   My answer, one, I never have liked being lied to, and two, they won't leave me alone.
As a kid I took the whole Jesus thing seriously.   I was saved, baptized, and felt guilty when I didn't push Jesus to other's who were lost in the world of sin.   There were Christians who I really looked up to: my sixth-grade teacher (who also taught Bible Study after school--and yes, it was a public school you fucking lying son-of-a-bitch power grabbers using your, oh-poor-oh-me, they teach evolution in schools, to gain you Hitler power over the world), this teacher caught me cheating on a math test after the only kid stupider in that math class than me yelled, "Dr TV Boogie is cheating!"  The Christian teacher looked at me and said, "That's between our young Dr TV Boogie and god."   

The teacher walked away.   I felt like shit and stood up and yelled, "No, wait, not god, send me to the principal, I can handle him."

That was the liberal sixties, in a Democratic city.  

I followed this faith in Jesus to my Christian college where we had to take Old and New Testament classes.   That's where I noticed that the focus on most of the students wasn't on saving souls and doing onto others as you would have them do to you, but, Speak English, Stop Killing Babies, and drop bombs on children for President George Bush.  

Fortunately, there were still Christians in the midst, like one of the professors when teaching old-testament and read a line that supposedly condemns homosexuality.   This tall, lanky, nerdy professor, raises his shoulders and say, "Some people say it condemns gays, I don't know."  

I remember thinking, "How loving an open minded."  Of course it ended there.   For the next five years I saw the forgiving Jesus church I had grown up in become THE SILENT MAJORITY, THE CHRISTIAN RIGHT, THE REPUBLICAN PARTY.   Business' starting placing fish symbols in their logos, woman wore crosses over their cleavage, and men boasted that, Jesus loves my football team better than yours, that's all that matters. 
That's when I got on my knees and was just about to get on my knees and say, Take Me Satan, these fuckers are nuts... but I didn't.  Fortunately, I realized that worshiping Satan was worshiping their Jesus.   For their Jesus lies were nothing but a way to totally rule the world.  It also came known to me that the politicians and billionaires who went to church on Sundays but did as they pleased to keep their power seven-days week, weren't Christians at all, but using it to keep power.   It was obvious by their greedy actions.   Then, I noticed that you didn't even have to pretend to be a good person anymore, you could drink and barf at a Baylor Football game and Jesus totally understood.   You could sings country sexual songs like, She Likes My Tractor in Her Vagina, and as long as you did it with your hands in the air, you were a Christian....

It was this Pop-Christian movement that made me wonder?  Where have I seen this before, in history, I am certain I read about it somewhere.... "Wait A Minute, this is the Nazi Party!"

From there I researched the facts and found that there never was a historical Jesus until around the year 300, and that it was built on rumors, or put in today's language, Republican Talking Points. 

Finally, I'm sorry if you take that myth to heart, and I really don't have a problem with it, but it's not Main Stream America.  And the lie just keeps multiplying on itself, and some of us have had enough.  
We are calling your bullshit.  


About the NFL Football thing. 

Calm down everyone, let's go back to the good-old days, the 1950's, I think we can all agree to that, right!  Back then, the players waited in the locker rooms while the fans stood for the national anthem.  Do your homework, they didn't start coming out of the locker to stand for it until the George Bush Baby Killing war.  

No shit. 

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