I was going to write a negative post about our president this morning based on reports I found the he actually owns/owned a book of Hitler’s speeches as well as the frog bible: Mein Kampf. I was going to ask the question of how anyone could own that material and be taken seriously as a president Of the people for the people, but then, trump goes off and does something no liberal president would ever have the balls to do: he pardons a woman - black , which wouldn’t matter if it didn’t concern Trump — who was unfairly convicted on drug charges ... what? That’s right. He did he did. And unlike the other side who would never point out anything positive about the other side, I will .

Now back to the Nazis book thing: wtf Donald! 

On a brighter note, the ex-porn star, Stormy Daniels is suing her ex-attorney because it appears he was taking orders from Trump's attorneys.  

Warning: The Following Are Actual Clips From A Stormy Films Which Trump Must Have Liked.  

Stormy Before Trump Payoff.

Trump Supporters in a Stormy Daniels Film.

"Best B... Job"

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Why "Black Lives Matter" matters!

When I was in a rock band at 19, we wrote a song called: There's Nothing New Under the Sun: It's all been done.   How true it is....

Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!