Cush Jobs, the Cuck Brothers, and Neo-Nazis: e i e i o.

June, the 22nd of our lord Sir Donald Trump and I woke early this morning to look at the free press to see if my chance, the impeachment processes had started yet; of course it hadn't because only a few Republican's have decided to do what is best for their country over their personal gains.  I do understand, they worked so hard to get elected.  They've borrowed a lot of cash too and then have houses they can't afford without their cush political jobs.  What would they do if they lost their cush jobs as they most certainly would if they spoke ill of Sir Donald Trump. 

Yes, they are walking a fine line, waiting until the Democrats get control of the house and senate to blame the impeachment on the Democrats, because their 40 percent base has totally gone zonkers and they know it.  We all know the reason too, for years and years the Republicans have been lying to their base to get elected; telling them things like Liberals are Communist -- we're not, we are democratic socialist who believe in a more equitable distribution of wealth, one where the wealthy still own way too fucking much, but not at the total expense of healthcare and a safety net for the people who they made their billions off of.  And don't let them fool you, without our labor and spending habits, they are nothing.   Don't let them fool you, they didn't do shit to get so wealthy but be born into it. 

"Where did the hate all began?" you ask.  Well, some would say with the Lords of England who came to the USA incognito and pushed their feudal way of life on us.   Maybe.   Other's believe it was the sin of slavery which this country was built on; the same sin of slavery which causes so many conservatives pain today, for to admit it was wrong, they have to admit our race was wrong, and so, instead of owning up to it, they simply continue the lie that one race is better than another. 

I believe, the Right-Wing Psycho minority began with Hitler.  

Ouch, sorry, that world again.   I hate to use it but have to.  Especially since, it is a fact that the same Hitler loving people from back then have evolved into the Sir Donald Trump Feudal Lord lovers of today.   And who were these people?...   Wait for it....  The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, the same anti-Jewish book that Henry Ford Sr. gave away with each car for several years.

That's right, the Neo-Nazis who went under names such as the United White Party (precursor to the National States Rights Party) and John Birch Society (began by the father of today's right-wing cuck brothers, oppsss, I mean, Koch Brothers).

Which brings me to the today's blog subject:  George Lincoln Rockwell and the American Nazi Party.  He was no idiot and knew American's couldn't handle the word "Nazi" party.  To him, the only reason they couldn't is because they thought it was a form of Communism, not anything to do with the fact that it was a party of hate.  George Lincoln Rockwell's goal was to make the American Nazi Party the Republican Party, and by god, I think he succeeded.

Wake up America, they are not placing nice anymore.  It is time the Republican Party Split from the Nazi Party.


On this day in 1960, George Lincoln Rockwell, the leader of the American Nazi Party flew into New York City to defend his application to speak in Union Square.  By the end of the day he would be run out of town by bystanders who said thing to him like, "Only dogs that spew disease all over the place, dogs like you that have the gall to come in here and do what you do."

Secretly, George Lincoln Rockwell had gotten what he wanted, publicity and the right to claim leadership of the most infamous political party in America.





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