This week's number 1 Doublespeak:

NRA on talking about its banning guns at its Dallas convention for Vice President Mike Pence's speech:

"The Secret Service as its own protection."

Right, NRA, you really do think we are stupid: kids are safe in school with guns but the president isn't in at your convention.

The fact:  no one is really ever safe in a room filled with guns, that's why you had to leave them out town in the old west.


On This Day in ancient Rome, the festival of the Bona Dea was held annually.  A goddess of the Earth, the Bona Dea was the deity of women's mysteries.  Men were never admitted to the secret ceremonies.  This pissed the men of the day off so much they called the woman "witches" and invented a new religion where woman waited on them barefoot and pregnant until the recent enlightenment which is returning us to our Gaia spirit.  And boy is this scaring them.

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