Tax The Shit Out of Them, Now!

Hypocrisy is as American as Apple Pie.   Take for instance this conservative plan to take away food stamps from those bastards who don't want to pull themselves up by their bootstraps like George Bush and Ivanka Trump did.   Seems the Republicans have now voted against it because it will hurt the US farmers.  What?   You mean it was never meant to feed the poor but support the farmers?   The Red State farmers who blame the US debt on me for living in a box on the side of a freeway!  Those gun toting, Jesus loving farmers who now even have their own dating website have been staying in business because of my food stamps?   I have only one word for them:  hypocrite. 
 Of course, we truth seekers know that the rich have disdain for us because we remind them of their family lies.  Most of them didn't do shit to earn a buck but be shot out the pencil-organ of a Trump, Rockefeller, or just a good-old-fashion bible thumbing: my daughter can have a secret abortion in Paris but you can't because you work for me, Upper-Upity-Middle-Class hypocrite (yes, ordinary, run-of-the-mill Republican).

Ever really wonder why they have such disdain for the working class?   Have you ever really stopped to think about it?  No, you haven't because they got you taking anti-depressants and opium pills so you won't see the truth that they are The WELFARE PROBLEM IN THE USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

True That!

It's not the poor working sap who is tired of working three bullshit jobs to make ends meet and so goes down to the welfare office for help, or the single mother who's been told to Put-Out or Get-Out  because she has three kids and so goes down to the WIC  office for a free-meal ticket; or the punk-kid who's bullshit online-degree he got from some Republican millionaire doesn't even quality him for a restaurant management job and so he says Screw it and stands on the corner begging for handouts because, well, it beats minimum wage (Don't get me started on the minimum wage issues which has nothing to do with a companies profits and all to do with reminding you who you work for). 

No, these poor bastards being blamed for the national debt are the scapegoat being used so the hide the fact that the real welfare recipients are the well-to-do's. 

As previously mentioned, the Republicans have everything they want: the White House, The Senate, The Congress, Most Governorship's, most public school boards -- even thought their kids are going to private school -- most judge jobs not to mention... the Supreme Being Court!!!

Yes, they run it all!  They own most of the television news stations, the sports stations, and of course, every f'in AM radio station you ever heard of. 

Yes, dear people, they are running it all (actually have always been) and somehow if you talk to anyone, it's those damn liberals who got us in this mess? 

God, they are good.   It's so Orwellian, George Orwell himself wouldn't recognize.

Here's the truth:   the wealthy get most of the government hands outs from the war machine/defense spending.   Yes, those cushion Koch Brother  -- who now require you take an oath to never watch another Jane Fonda film -- made their billions during the Vietnam War which still hasn't been paid for because, from Jimmy Carter on, the wealthy have received tax cuts instead of paying the debt they created from their profits with OUR taxes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Those bastards even have the audacity to blame the War Debt on the unwed mothers driving a bus to their three fast-food jobs because none of the jobs will give them  a fair wage, or 40 hours so they don't have to pay medical insurance.

The truth is that since the Vietnam War the defense spending has gone up and up, creating groovy middle class jobs while making the top 1% crazy wealthy and the matter has been complicated because they decided somewhere along the way to stop paying their taxes to cover Their!!! government handout.

The solution is to tax the shit out of them until they pay back what they owe us!!!!!


The Revolution Starts Now:  Demand More.   

And Buddha says:

Love my peace and freedom!

Buddha says:

Really rings the bell!

Buddha says:

Love my peace and freedom
don't know anything else I love so well.  

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