Something big is happening in the universe. The signs are everywhere.

Something big is about to happen.  I've seen it before.  Just look at the signs:

1.  In Hawaii, the Kilauea Volcano erupts after a series of violent earth tremors.

2.  The worlds' most powerful Geyser,
Steamboat Geyser, the tallest active geyser in the world, has recently started shooting water again after over three years of nothing.   

3. The Remnants of Haley's Comet in the form of a meteor shower will light the sky this Monday, May 7. 

The evidence against the Rosenberg's
There are more, like for instance, on this day in 1951, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were sentenced to be the only Americans to be execut3ed for treason for allegedly giving nuclear secrets to the Russians.  History will show that the evidence against them was shaky at best.  The key witness was a guy in prison who received a lighter sentence for her story stating that the Rosenberg's gave secrets to a Soviet spy.   The drawing they supposedly gave to the Russians ended up being no more than a few stick figures on a piece of paper.   Furthermore, as declassified documents show, the US knew that the Russian already had produced nuclear bombs and really didn't need the info if it had been given.   Yes, the Rosenberg's were used as an example to scare other left-leaning citizens to shut-the-f88K up or it might happen to you.  And it worked too!   Since this time we have had a right-wing government which has finally produced a fascist leader who wants to put the other party in prison -- sound familiar, it should, every dictator in history has done it.   Look it up.

Anyway, with all the signs the universe is giving us now, on this, the anniversary of an American lie that has never been corrected,  could the signs be pointing to Donald Trumps trader activities coming to light?   Probably not, because, Russian is no longer the liberal communistic beast.  No, Russian is now the idea government today's Republican party dreams of?   No government regulations to stop companies from making a profit.  No free election of the people who if they're vote really counted, sure the hell wouldn't be voting for the unequal distribution of wealth we have in the US today.  And, of course, the 10 percent flat tax.  That's right, Russia is doing all the things the Republican Party has been cramming down our throats for years.   And, my dear comrades, Trump is only a decoy, the real people pushing this system on us are the Koch brothers, Rockefeller's, and Bush's.

So, thank god the universe won't let them win.   Decency and equality will always find its way in the end.

Ommmmmmmm (Buddhist Chant) 

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