So Ireland votes to repeal their ban on abortions and the vote count was 70 percent opposed to the  draconian law that denied woman the right to have an abortion, and 30 percent against a woman's right to have one.   Did you get those numbers?  70 percent for and 30 percent against.   Guess what America, if we voted on the abortion issue in the USA the vote would be the same.  That's right, if we had a straight up vote on the abortion issue instead of allowing eight "right-wing-vetted" judges decide, there would be no abortion conversation in this country at all.  Of course, the Republicans wouldn't have their favorite Christian/Hypocrite issue to work up their base, so, any hope for a straight up vote will never happen without a Bernie Sanders revolution.

Yes, the 70 percent forward-thinking liberal / 30 percent scaredy cat conservative is the norm voter results if everyone showed up to vote, unfortunately, the conservatives always have a better turnout because they have things to lose, where you, my liberal friend, have already lost all-the-rights you once had and so are taking a drawing classes with wine and cheese instead of voting. The conservatives know this and so push hard on the message: all government is bad.   It's how they get elected.   Fear is a better motivator that joy, always has been always will be.  Shit, the Christian faith was built on the lie that you suck for being born and so need to stop celebrating what is natural like oxygen from trees and excitement from full-moons and join their club or burn in a pit of fire forever!

Let's see, I can either celebrate this solstice by joyfully holding hands and singing with other villagers or burn in a pit of fire!@%!!!!!

Yes, fear and lies, the same program that built their church -- and the others too, you Muslims, so don't enjoy these words too much -- now keep the conservative scaredy cats in power.

So, my message to the Democrat party:  serve wine and cheese at the voting polls!

Here's looking at you kid.


Speaking of Ireland, on this day in 1897, Irish horror writer Bram Stoker's classic vampire tale Dracula is offered for sale in London.  It told the story of a Transylvanian vampire who bit English people.  

Finally on this day every year in Ireland, flower offerings to honor the deities and spirits of the wells are celebrated for Sacred Well Day.  The custom dates back to the Fortinalia days, an ancient Roman well festival that took place each year on this day.   The custom is to offer beautiful wreaths and flowers to honor the spirits.

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Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!