Joan’s Last Day.

We've been following the Joan of Arc saga on the days it happened in 1431.   Well, on Wednesday, May 30th, it ends.

(Excerpt from Joan of Arc, In Her Own Words by Willard Trask.)

It was I was the angel and there was no other.  And the crown was no more than the promise of my King's coronation, which I made to him.

Alas! Am I so horribly and cruelly used, that my clean body, never yet defiled, must this day be burnt and turn to ashes!  Ha!  Ha! I would rather be beheaded seven times than suffer burning.

Alas!  If I had been kept in the Church's prison, to which I had submitted--if I had been kept by churchmen, instead of by my enemies and adversaries, I should not have come to such a miserable end.  Oh, I appeal to God, the great judge, from this great wrong and oppression!

Bishop, I die through you!

Master Peter, where shall I be this night?  By God's grace I shall be in Paradise.

She is led to the Place of Execution

Rouen, Rouen, shalt thou be my dwelling?

I bet each priest here to say a mass for me.

At the Stake

I pray you, go to the nearest church, and bring me the cross, and hold it up level with my eyes until I am dead, for my eyes while life lasts in me.

Jesus, Jesus!


On this day in 1593, English playwright Christopher Marlowe, 29, was stabbed to death in a brawl over a bar tab.   Or was he?

Marlowe is best known for his bringing together the Gnostic Faustus story to English readers in his book, Dr. Faustus.  The Faustus story was a story filled with mysterious symbols and magical events.  It appeared anonymously sometime around 1570 and began to circulate surreptitiously in central and southern Germany.  In his book, The Gnostic Faustus, Ramona Fradon, the author tells us “that the story is a tragic little sorcerer's tale concocted of German folk material and ancient religious lore, it preached the dogma of the of the Catholic Church but its content was clearly heretical.  Doctor Faustus longed for knowledge forbidden by the Church and, in order to obtain it, made league with the Devil...Some twenty years after its appearance, a version of the story came to the attention of the English playwright, Christopher Marlowe, and inspired him to write his own Dr. Faustus.  A rebellious scholar himself who had abandoned church and university, Marlowe lent the tragic theme an intensity and sheen that transformed the crude original work.  He amplified the sense of doom that weighed on Faustus's soul and raised his fatal longing to a level that approached the sublime.  With this first great adaptation, the European Faust tradition was born.”

Much like the character of Faust, Marlowe seemed to be wrestling with some demons himself that led to his death.  Known to have a temper, it was said that he had had a fight with three men over a bar tab and pulled out a knife on one, who wrestled it out of his hand and stabbed poor Marlowe in the eye.

Hmmmm, not likely.

The fact that Marlowe was stabbed in the eye is oddly close to the mob killings of the 20's in the USA when they would shoot a guy in the mouth as a sign for others to “keep quiet.”  Was the fact Marlowe was stabbed in the eye a message to others that Marlowe “ just couldn't see!”

In the book History's Greatest Mysteries, we are prevented with the known theory that Marlowe was a secret agent for the queen of England and the three men with him were known agents of the Queen. The story of Marlowe is similar to our current ex-president George Bush who had gone to Yale and was recruited in the C.I.A (OIS at the time); a fact George Bush will take to his grave because of the JFK killing connection.   But I digress.

Marlowe had attended Cambridge University, where it is thought he began to work in some capacity for the government, possibly for Sir Francis Walsingham, who ran an extensive secret intelligence network for the Queen. The tactic of placing spies and agent provocateurs at the heart of plots agasinst the queen had been used by Walsingham on a number of occasions in the past nd in one of them, known as the Babbington Plot, Robert Polly had played a leading role by posing as a Catholic sympathizer in order to get inside and inform on a plan to kill the queen. Robert Polly, along with tow other known lower level spies, were the three men Marlowe was with the night he died.

You do the math.


May 30th is sacred to the Norse goddess Frigg, queen of heaven and consort of Odin.  This day in the USA, Memorial Day is celebrated (actually the first Monday of May, but originally the 30th.) Memorial Day was originally called Cleaning Day and was a day of cleaning and decorating graves as a way of paying homage to the dead.

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