Truth in advertising, who shives of git? P.T. Barnum did!

Truth in advertising, who shives of git?  P.T. Barnum did!
Take for example on this day in 1884.  P.T. Barnum had been looking for an animal to match the box office success he had achieved with Jumbo the Elephant and had been intrigued by the legendary sacred white elephants of the Far East.  he purchased one, and on this day in 1884 the beast, named Toung Taloung, arrived from Burma on a steamer in New York City Harbor.  Rather than the pure milk-white color that Barnum had advertised, the animal was a dirty gray except for a few light pink spots and pink eyes.  The animal was a commercial flop; Barnum was roasted in the press; and his leading circus rival, Adam Forepaugh, soon began drawing large crowds with his own elephant, which was pure white.  An investigative reporter, Alexander Kenealy, snuck into the animal's enclosure and washed paint off its body with a wet sponge.  Rather
than publishing, Kenealy sold the information to Barnum, who then blasted the news across the country. 
Speaking of False Advertisement, how about this ditty:  Cigarette commercials -- shit, I want a cigarette writing about cigarette -- have been notorious for having Fox-News Foreshadowing doctors in white coats tell you why their brand is safer.   In the 60' even kids cartoons puffed away.  In one Flintstones Cartoon Fred Flintstone, Barney Rubble, and Wilma, are puffing away and extolling the virtues of the tobacco brand sponsoring their show: "Winstons taste good," said a satisfied Fred, "like a cigarette should." Of course, baseball hero Mickey Mantle pitched the brand that eventually killed him:  Camel.  Shit, even Santa loved to smoke in commercials back in the fifties.  Unfortunately, the government said enough is enough, and cigarette commercials were banned from TV.  And so, what did the advertisers do to keep you salivating for more?   They went underground.   And there is not a better example of this than the Italian Stallone Porn Star, Sylvester "Rocky/Rambo" Stalone (who really did get his first acting gig in a porn movie, but failed to mention that at the Republican National Conventions he attended.... or did he?  Anyway, what a f-in bastard that Stalone is/was, for on this day in 1983, he agreed to place cigarette products in his films for a substantial fee.   Here is the letter Stalone wrote to Bob Kovoloff of the Associated Film Promotion company:

     Dear Bob:
        As discussed, I guarantee that I will use Brown & Williamson tobacco products in no less
     than five feature films.
        It is my understanding that Brown & Williamson will pay a fee of $500,000.00.
        Hoping to hear from you soon:

                                                                                                Sylvester Stallone

Can you say Product Placement boys-and-girls?

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