Trump and Putin: Butt Buddies Extraordinaire.

US and allies warn Syria of more missile strikes if chemical attacks used again

 Does anyone know what's going on in Syria?   I sure don't.   It seems something more should have been done under Obama. And what about this Donald Trump threat.   He's been yelling "bombs, bombs, bombs, run for your life, clear off your bases now...." for over a week.  Think Russia got the message?   Think his buddy Putin heard?  Think Putin will tell his Syrian buddies to clear off their bases so we don't hit anything important while trying to make it look like we're not in on the ethnic cleansing going on in Syria?  I do. 

It's all a shame folks.   Trump, himself asked why the Obama announced his plan to bomb a location before doing so.  In Obama's case, it was to give time to clear out the children, in Trumps case, it's payback to Putin for whatever White Supremacy shit they are planning. 

God damn, wake up before they come for you!

That's your daily wake-up call, now go have another donut.


They want to have a war, to keep us on our knees

They want to have a war, to build their factories

Next Patient please

Industrial Disease.

                                                                From the song:

Dire Straits - Industrial Disease (1982)

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