Traditionally, Saint Mark's Eve is a time for divining the future.  According to the folklore of the English countryside, any young woman wishing to see her future lover should fast from sunset.  She should then prepare a cake containing salt, wheat meal, and barley meal.  Her true love will come to the house during the night and turn the cake.

Other tales for Saint Mark's Eve go like this:  Sit in the church porch on St. Mark's Eve. Those sitting had to keep silent between the bell tolling at 11.00 p.m. until the bell struck 1.00 a.m.  In Yorkshire it was necessary to keep vigil for three successive nights.  On the third such sitting, it was said that the ghosts of those to die during the year would be witnessed passing into the church. This practice took place throughout England, but was most prevalent in northern and western counties

Some accounts of the custom state that the watchers must be fasting, or must circle the church before taking up position. The ghosts of those who were to die soon would be the first observed, while those who would almost see out the year would not be witnessed until almost 1.00 a.m.  Other variations of the superstition say that the watchers would see headless or rotting corpses, or coffins approaching. Another tradition holds that a young woman can see the face of her future husband appear on her smock by holding it before the fire on St Mark's Eve.

Whatever the story, it is pretty obvious that the pagans were trying to make sense out of the artificial religion forced on them and it wasn't working.   Or maybe, just maybe, weird things do happen in a church on this eve?    Boo.

 In Halberstadt, Saxony, Germany on this day in 1547 a black ball-shaped object was seen, apparently "emerging from the middle of the moon" and flying fast towards the North.
Wonders in the Sky, pg. 150


And yet, another example of Orwelianism in News reporting, this time by Fox News.... what!  No, not Fox News!  Yes, in today’s news feed you will find this headline:

Man jailed after giving middle finger to speed camera

If you read the news article, you will find that the man was jailed, not for giving the finger, but for using a device to jam the speed-detection radar.   Do you see what they are doing here?  They want you to believe a man has been arrested for using his god-given right to say “F87k You!”  When in reality, the man giving the finger to a traffic-control camera had no more meaning to the authorities than my giving the finger to Fox News has now.   Now does it!

Geez, why do I even try.  

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