The Scary Parallels Between Trump and Mussolini: a reincarnation story.

Finally, something we can thank the Trump Racist for:

So to all y'all folks thinking you are making the world white again by electing Donald Trump need to wake up and know this is your last hurrah for after Donald Trump, the USA will be looking for new leadership and it won't be the old fashion one-party system disguised as two parties.   No, no, Virginia, it is going to get like Italy who at last count had sixteen political parties on the ballet:

The Major Italian Parties:

Five Star Movement


Forward Italy 

Brothers of Italy 

 Free and Equal[b]

The Minor Itlaian Parties:

What a ballot, yes.  A lot of the reasons for all these parties in Italy is that they are the remnants of the once great Roman Empire before it fell to the Christian Church and all the local folk who basically believed in helping each other in the village and dancing around fires for the earth changes, were told to stop following their instincts and believe in a religion they kind of knew was bullshit, but, wtf, everyone else did it and by not doing so you lost your job at the mill!  

Yes, bullshit religion designed to keep order for the peasants while the wealthy citizens used it's heartless organizational skills to justify bullshit wars as well as, give the poor suckers hope while the wealthy picked their pockets, starved their children, and laughed at them on summer vacations.   

Yes, the church was the death-blow to Rome and the fabric which built this unbalanced life we are living now where the top 1% have it all and the other 99% have nothing but hope in a Jesus the top 1% pretend to believe in but really don't, and so after their political prayer breakfasts and Sunday afternoon public head bows, go back to doing any nonreligious thing they want with no remorse whatsoever.

Okay, so I'm preaching to the choir, I know, I know, but stay with me.   Rome did fall to the church and the church brought it back to life as a third-world country and everything moved along okay until a dictator fascist came along and created the Italian word "Fascism," that individual was Benito Mussolini who was eventually killed by a mop of 99%er's on April 28th, 1945.  

Fortunately for Mussolini, his spirit wouldn't stay underground for long, for after a year it would reincarnate on June 14, 1946 into Donald Trump.   

The Scary Parallels Between Trump and Mussolini


Excerpts from the Bosworth book: Mussolini  by


Other more critical contemporaries noticed instead the fluctuations in Mussolini’s ideas and the way he preferred to avoid in-depth conversations, sometimes excusing himself by saying that the details should be left to the experts. Here, they discerned, was a leader more interested in imposing his will than in harmonizing his attitudes or policies. Here was a politician more interested in seeming to know than in knowing.” pg 142

He understood that a totalitarian dictator had to be, or to seem to be, expert in everything.” pg 177

Cowing the press was only one part of building a totalitarian dictatorship.” pg 177

Mussolini appointed his son-in-law as foreign minister. e.g., pg 254

Trump, of course, is infamous for his ultra-thin skin:

“… he would flick through the French press and grow enraged at any criticism of Italy and himself.” pg 272

“… there were few things which annoyed Mussolini more than overt criticism.” pg 276

This emotion [anger] had always been a prominent part of the Duce’s reaction to life .…” pg 280

Trump and Mussolini share thin-skinned ignorance combined with arrogant contempt:

The Duce’s version of permanent revolution, it was increasingly plain, was more a story of his own permanent sense that the rest of human kind was not made in this own image (an arrogance which only partially cloaked his own sense of inadequacy …).” pg 282

“… it was plain that he [Augusto Rosso] was another who feared that Ciano [son-in-law] was very young, and very inexperienced in the real world, and who knew that Mussolini did not take his professional diplomats seriously.” pg 292

In his diary, Bottai depicted a war leader whose administration grew steadily more ‘approximate’, with the Duce, a ‘man of the banner headline’ at heart, now bored by detail or discussion and preferring to ‘let things run of their own accord’.” pg 302

“… the Duce’s reaction, Bottai complained, was, ‘if things go well, take the credit; and, if they go badly, to blame others’. This, Bottai concluded, had become the real meaning of the formula: ‘Mussolini is always right.’ ” pg 303

The following speaks for itself, and speaks volumes:

From A.J.P. Taylor, quoted in Bosworth: “Fascism never possessed the ruthless drive, let alone the material strength, of National Socialism.

 Morally it was just as corrupting — or perhaps more so from its very dishonesty. 

Everything about Fascism was a fraud. The social peril from which it saved Italy was a fraud; the revolution by which it seized power was a fraud; the ability and policy of Mussolini were fraudulent. 

Fascist rule was corrupt, incompetent, empty; Mussolini himself a vain, blundering boaster without either ideas or aims.” pg 344
(End of excerpt.)

Yes, so Mussolini tried to make Italy Great Again and after it failed we have the Italy of today where less than 13% of the population consider themselves "Christian" and they now have 19 political parties.   

This will be the same fate of the USA after Benito Trump.  You wait and see, early signs can already be seen by this recent news event where

Neo-Nazis, anti-fascist groups descend on Georgia town for competing rallies

In this article, Neo-Nazis and White Supremacist will compete in Jostling sports with the National Socialist Party.  So there you have three of the new parties after Trump, others will be there too only without permits -- you go boys-and-girls, protest the protesters -- and they are members of Antifa, along with (be still my beating heart) Democratic Socialists of America and the anarchist group Workers’ Solidarity Alliance. 

 Yes a sample of the 2020 (clear vision for the first time?.... hmmmm) USA election ballot is starting to take form:






National Socialist Party


Workers' Solidarity Alliance

Democratic Socialist of America                    


See y'all at the polls!




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