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England's patron, Saint George the dragon slayer, is commemorated with parades and other festivities on this day.  Today is also a time for remembrance of the northern European hero Sigurd, another famous dragon slayer.  In ancient Rome, the Vinalia, a wine festival in celebration of Jupiter and Venus, was held annually on this date.


On this day in 1981, agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation arrived at Mae Brussell's home in the rustic, seaside burg of Carmel, California, to find out what she knew about a conspiracy to assassinate President Ronald Reagan.  What is very interesting indeed, by today's news that is, is that the FBI did so by the suggestion of then, U.S. attorney, Rudy Giuliani.  Yes, the lawyer Donald Trump has hired to prove his innocents in the Golden Shower story where Donald Trump had a woman pee on him in a Russian hotel, which Putin, the Dictator Leader of Russia, has threatened to bring out in the open if Donald Trump doesn't do whatever he wants.

So, who was Mae Brussell, you ask?   Well, she was a truth seeker from the early 60's until the mid 80's who researched everything from the Kennedy assignation to the Neo Cons planting of Charles Manson in the news to discredit the "hippy movement."   Yes, she believed and had evidence that Charles Manson was created by the FBI to stop the Socialistic movement of the youth, which scared the shit out of the 1%ers of the day.  Charles Manson had spent most of his life in a prison and was no peace, love, Alice Cooper guy whatsoever.   He was a righting, racist, Nazis, make-America Great again type who the FBI setup with money to do his crimes and become the poster child of everything wrong with the hippy movement.

Yes, and the facts she had on this Right-Wing Conspiracy was only a spec of everything she wrote about in her Conspiracy Newsletter.

If you truly want to know more about Mae, you are in luck, she did a conspiracy radio show for years, and our friends at File and Claw have published them for us to listen to, for free!  Here they are!


And finally, I told you yesterday about how Michele Bachmann lied about Climate Change for personal gain, today, an even greater example of a Neo-Con Truth Denying has been exposed.   This time it is the Fox TV host Sean Hannity's who has been benefiting from the use of the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) program which he and other Neo-Cons blame for the reason people who normally wouldn't own a home, do -- also, privately when the room is all white, why they secretly blame the liberals for forcing you to sell your house to people they disprove of  based on the color of their skin or scent of their foods.  In my youth, I heard that complaint the most about liberal politicians.   "I'll sell my house to whoever I want."   Back then, thanks to HUD, people of color were buying homes in White Neighborhoods and boy did the White Supremacist hate that one.  And so, HUD, became the poster child for why the white neighborhoods were going to shit.  And so, the Neo-Con movement began, saying publicly they were for Lower Taxes.  Code Word for:  White Neighborhood. 

Back to Hannity, the heartless bastard talks bad about HUD at every chance he gets, while secretly making millions abusing their program.  

Sean Hannity linked to shell companies that spent $90M on property: report

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