Conservatives irate over GOP’s spending hypocrisy

‘I don’t see how voters can distinguish between Republicans and Democrats when it comes to spending,’ says one critic on the right.

That's right kids, that's what one Republican is saying in today's news.   Only problem: it isn't news.   We've known this all-along:  Republicans and Democrats are two faces of the same coin:  Money!
I dog a lot of Republicans because they have been running the show most of our lives although they want you to believe it's the liberals!   There aren't any liberals in the US (I've said it before, I know), at best what we have are Republican Lights.   The Republican Party since the Ronald Reagan has controlled the House and Senate for the majority.   When they didn't, they still stopped government through bullshit like the Monica Lewinsky scandal with Bill Clinton (come on Republicans, Clinton was the great Satan to you because he got a blowjob in the White House, look at your guy now?  He's been on Howard Stern talking about incest and getting his Dick Chaney sucked and yet, you forgive him because he cuts taxes for the 1%).  Then, the hypocrite in office now (Donald Tic-Tax Trump), spent four-years demanding the birth certificate of our first black president and won't even show his tax returns!   God Damn You Republicans.   Is the best you really can do is resign like Paul Ryan is planning on doing?   Don't any of you have the balls to do what is right for the country and impeach this guy? 

Okay, back to today's news:  it is all going to hell fast:   Mr. Facebook  is apologizing for allowing Facebook to report fake news and give our info to the Alt-Right organizations so they could post a bunch of phony adds against Non-Alt-Right candidates and eventually get our first Nazis president elected since Hitler.    While Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg continues to apologize in front of congress, the FBI is finally starting to look into Trumps Russian connections and Trump has to do something to save is white-house ass... drop a bomb.   That's right folks, you herd it here first, 8:30am, April 10th, Trump will soon have you thinking we're in a war which besides helping the Bush family with their bottom line, will have you waving flags in support of our first Nazis President.   

Why don't they all resign. 

On a happier note...  there ain't no happy... we're all on the Trump payroll from here on out.  Better be nice to him. 

... 2 hours later: 
Trump Tells Russia to ‘Get Ready’ for Missiles Coming at Syria

... see, I told you.

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Thanks For Being!