Signs we are winning and the racist are losing is official per The National Review.  In this article they go on to explain how the Steve Bannon's Insurgence is over because Steve Bannon's select pick (Danny Tarkanian- an Neo Nazis if there ever was one) for the Nevada Senate race backed down for the Tea Party candidate Dean Heller.   So, extreme extreme is replaced with just extreme and you are suppose to feel good about the political mess.   Do you see what they are doing?  They have moved things so far right that what use to be a quack-job is now a centralist candidate.  I guess that means I have to be a communist just to get us a good Democratic Socialistic government where we can own guns in homes, only don't have to spread our behinds for healthcare and a safety net (safety net = affordable healthcare, unemployment, social security, etc.)   

The safety net, by-the-way, is crashing so hard we'll soon be buying eggs off of a street corner for survival (a family story of how my grandfather made a living during the Great Depression).   Need proof, how about this:  that tax cut for the rich last month, isn't enough!   What!  Yes, really, Trumps new millionaire appointee, Kudlow is now asking for another tax cut, this time without a vote.   Can you say fascist boys-and-girls?   Read about it here if you want:

Trump Economist Wants to Give Rich People Another Tax Break, Without a Vote in Congress

I wonder on this March 21, 2018, how we have come not very far from our intolerant past; just look at this day in history:

1349: Thousands of Jews are slaughtered in the German town of Erfurt after being accused of causing the devastating plague known as the Black Death.

1556: Archbishop Thomas Cranmer, a leader of the English Reformation and compiler of the Book of Common Prayer, is burned at the stake for heresy by Queen "Bloody" Mary I.

1861: Confederate vice president Alexander Stephens declares "...its (the United States of America) foundations... is the truth that the negro is not equal to the white man: that slavery, subordination to the superior race, is his natural and normal condition."

1925: Tennessee governor Austin Peay signed into law the Butler Act: "any theory that denies the Story of the Divine Creation of man as taught in the kicked out of class.

1933: The Nazis announce the opening of their first concentration camp, Dachau.

1960: Police in the South African township of Sharpeville opened fire on a large group of protesters who objected to the sever segregation polic9es of the white-run government.  As a result, 69 people were killed, and 180 injured.

And in today's headline news:

Racist recordings of ex-Pilot Flying J head to be released


Racist incidents at universities show they aren’t as tolerant as we think


Long Beach Woman In Viral, Racist Rant Offers To Enlighten Public On 'Displacement Of European-Americans'



In wake of Richard Spencer’s Michigan rally, the racist alt-right’s infighting over optics comes to a head


Finally, on this day in 1994, U.S. Vice President Albert Gore addressed the International Telecommunications Union.  He said, "The Global Information Infrastructure will help educate our children and allow us to exchange ideas within a community and among nations.  It will be a means by which families and friends will transcend the barriers of time and distance.  It will make possible a global information marketplace, where consumers can buy or sell products."  

I was in my late twenties when he said that.  And I'm here to tell you what the Republican's were saying back then:  things like:  "What a waste of tax money..." and yes, "Gore should be worried about lowering taxes and improving the economy instead of giving us an "Information Highway."  What we need is jobs, not Information."

 No shit, that's what they were saying.  And when Gore's word became profetic, they used it agaisnt him by saying that he thinks "he created the internet."  That was after old-man Bush had lost an election calling Gore "ozone-man."

And here we are today, benefiting from the internet in ways never imagined and the closed minded Republicans are still blowing the "lower taxes" horn.   And sadly, they're getting away with it and you don't care because you wear stinky underwear!

Feeling the Burn yet! 

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Thanks For Being!