More UFO silly and Joan Arc is one closer step to dead.

You would think people had enough of silly little UFO’s, I look around and I see it isn’t so....


On this day in 1431, Joan was asked by the militant inquisitor:

Will you refer yourself to the church....

Joan: Concerning what you ask I will refer myself to the Church militant, provided that it does not command me to do anything impossible.

I call this impossible—that I should revoke the things which I have said and done, as they are set down in this trial, concerning the visions and revelations which I have said that I had from God.  Not for anything will I revoke them.  And what our Lord has caused and commanded me to do, and shall command, I will not cease from doing for any man living. And it would be impossible for me to revoke them.  And in case the Church wished to make me do something else, contrary to the commandment which I say God has given me, not for anything would I do it.

Inquisitor: If the Church militant tells you that your revelations are illusions or diabolical things or superstitions or evil things, will you refer yourself to the Church in respect to them.

Joan: I will refer myself to our Lord, whose bidding I shall always do.  And I know that what is recorded in my trial came to pass at my Lord’s bidding,it would have been impossible for me to do otherwise.

Inquisitor: Do you believe that you are subject to the Church which is on earth, that is, to our holy father the Pope, the cardinals, archbishops, bishops, and other prelates of the Church?

Joan: Yes—our Lord first served.

Inquisitor: Have you a command from your voices not to submit yourself to the Church....

Joan: What I answer is not whatever comes into my head. What I answer is what is at their command.   They do not command me not to obey the Church, our Lord first served!


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Thanks For Being!