Joan of Arc in a Salem Dream on this Palm Sunday.

I could well be allowed to hear mass as I am, which is my highest wish.  But I can not change my attire, nor does that lie in me.

It does not lie in me to do it.  If it lay in me, it would be quickly done!

Joan of Arc,  March 25, 1431 (from her testimony at trial).
Joan of Arc In Her Own Words 


Not to be confused with March 25, 1692, when John Proctor of Salem Village encountered Samuel Sibley at Walter Philip's tavern for an ale and asked, "how are the folks of the Village?"

"Very bad last night," Sibley answered, "your made (Mary) is at it again, she is practicing magic."

Proctor:  "I'm going there now then to fetch the jade (A jade is a worn-out horse, a term, when applied to woman is comparable to 'bitch').   If they are to continue (he was upset they had been hanging out laughing), we should all be devils and witches quickly.  I tried to keep her busy at the spinning wheel and threatened to thresh her if she tried that again.  It worked, too, until I had to be away...."

While they were drinking their beers and planning another whipping of a jade, away from the Village at Stephen Sewall's house in Salem town, Betty Parris had such terrible seizures that her hosts feared she would die.  When she recovered enough to describe the apparition, Betty told Mrs. Sewall how the dark shape of a menacing man terrorized her.  And in her dream he had promised her anything that she wanted, and a trip to a golden city besides, if she obeyed him.
The Salem Witch Trials, Marilynne Roach

Esoteric Note: Interesting dream, very Joan of Arc inspired, dare I say on this Palm Sunday.

Speaking of Palm Sunday, enjoy this holy of all pagan celebrations with the passing over of the Sun to usher in Spring as the Sun begins it's ascension into Summer.  As you are plenty aware by now, they want you to believe that the Son of God, is not the Sun of God which has been worshiped since we first looked up the sky and said, "Hey, what's going on?"   Just as they want you to believe that the words God and Evil don't derive from the mathematical brain washing of removing an "O" from good to form God, and placing a D in front of Evil to create the word Devil.

Religion is a scam and the fact we are waking up to it is scaring the hell out of them.

Good job believers in the real light that is in all of us, which doesn't include a heaven, hell, or mad-man on a donkey.

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