Is this how it ends?

Thawing Permafrost Will Release Deadly Pathogens That Have Been Locked Away for Thousands of Years

Ancient germs from Climate Change


Thawing permafrost in the Arctic is one more way climate change will directly affect humans. As that permafrost melts, it could unleash potentially deadly pathogens. The potentially deadly pathogens hiding there are often dubbed “zombie diseases.” 

Is this how it ends people?  Or, is it the way Mother Earth heals herself from our maggot existence of eating and pissing on everything in sight?

Something needs to be done.  Anyone in their right mind knows we can't keep populating like we are without some huge negative affect. 

In my brief existence, we have gone from four Billion to seven billion.  That's fifty years.  Also in my life, I know people in high places have tried to reverse this.  The Conservatives give us wars and the liberals wants us to stop having babies.  On the very dark side was the Mad Scientist working for the NWO (New World Order), gave us Aids.  Aids might have worked but then the nuts realized a lot of good conservative people were in that group.  Son's and daughter of the elite!  Dick Satan Chaney's daughter for one.  But I digress.  

There's not enough food to feed the world now and that's why there is so much starvation.  But you don't care, now do you: you have your Crispy Cream and a decent paycheck, and heck, Football season is right around the corner.  Why think about it. 


On a brighter note, arming teachers with weapons isn't our biggest problem today, apparently, feeding puppies to turtles is!  True story:

Middle-School Science Teacher Investigated After Accusation He Fed Puppy to Turtle in Class


Fortunately for us, Donald Trump is finally admitting he is lying?  No, really, and yet, you do nothing but read stupid blogs like this.

Why Trump’s admission that he made stuff up to Justin Trudeau is particularly bad

  In a fundraising speech Wednesday, President Trump admitted once and for all that he just makes stuff up. The man who has racked up more than 2,000 false and misleading claims as president said he insisted to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that United States runs a trade deficit with Canada — despite having “no idea” whether that was actually the case. (Surprise! It's not.)


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