From Joan of Arc and UFOs, to fake news and "We're all gonna die."

The gentlemen of France wanted to go before Paris. And I think they did their duty in that; it was going against their enemies.

It lies with our Lord to make revelations to whom he pleases.

As for signs, if those who ask for one are not worthy of it, I am not accountable for that!

I believe, as firmly as I believe that our Lord Jesus Christ suffered death to redeem us form the pains of Hell, that they are Saint Michael and Saint Gabriel and Saint Catherine and Saint Margaret, whom our Lord sends to comfort and counsel me.

I shall call them to help me as long as I live.

I ask in this manner:
     "Most sweet God, in honor of your holy passion I beg you, if you love me, to reveal to me what I am to answer to these churchmen.  As to this clothing I well know by what commandment I began to wear it.  But I do not know the manner in which I am to quit it.  Therefore, may it please yo to teach me."

And immediately they come.

That Jesus has failed me I deny.

As to the Church militant, I wish to show it all the honor and reverence that I can.  As for referring my deeds to the Church militant, I must needs refer them to our Lord, who caused me to do what I have done.

I am a good Christian.

The offenses that you bring against me I have not committed: as for the rest, I refer it to our Lord.

Joan of Arc,  March 28, 1431 (from her testimony at trial).
Joan of Arc In Her Own Words 


And in UFO news today fella, a pilot saw another one, more shockingly -- not -- he saw it over Arizona and New Mexico.  That's right according to such bad-ass periodicals as Newsweek and Benjamin Fearnow, (who got it from Newsweek), a pilot flying in a Learjet asked air traffic controllers if traffic had passed over his plane.  The controller responded no, but the pilot responded confidently, "Somethin' did," as another unidentified pilot on the frequency chimed in, "UFO."

"Yeah," the Learjet pilot confirmed.

So there you have it, fellas, the UFO phenomena is not even news anymore and part of the pilots vernacular as common as he or she saying: ...delay on runway or, we're all gonna die.

Around the same time this happened, a watcher of the Space Station feed (boring) captured this:

Yes, to use the vernacular of a pilot:  We're all gonna' die!


And in today's news, we have a perfect example of how to manipulate the masses with fake news to keep you from having any form of common-sense gun laws.    Here's how it works...

You take a Republican appointed (retired) judge to come out and say something that no one in their right mind is even considering to take the attention away from what is really happening.  Here's the deal, since the recent school shootings, the majority of citizens want some kind of gun reform, like, stop selling gangster machine guns to kids, for one.  And with all the recent killings this should be a slam dunk.  Even the NRA has been revealed as the masochist son-of-a-bitches they are by protecting gun manufactures profits over childens rights.

Then steps in Retired Judge John Paul Stevens who says: we should repeal the Second Amendment!

Wow Cowboy, where did that come from?

Doen't matter.  It worked.  In today's headline news, Donald Trump says, in big letters I'll have you know: 

'The Second Amendment will never be repealed': Trump slams John Paul Stevens’ call for change'

That's how it is done, no longer are we talking about yesterday's news of the thousands who marched on Washington over the weekend demanding common-sense gun control, now, we are talking about saving the Second Amendment before they elect another black man!
Relax, it's okay, sleep, you're safe with me....

It's your country people, wake up, smell the coffee.   Vote the bums out:  all of them!  Get your country back.  Demand guns are kept for home protection and hunting, not an extension of Billy Bobs private parts.   Demand the rich pay their taxes, fix out streets, open the state funded hospitals Ronald Reagan closed and get these homeless people the medicine they need and off the streets.   And for you bigoted Christians, remeber your Jesus said these people are not going to make it to heaven, so why are you following them.... oh, that's right, you still have a decent job so continue to look the other way and blame the less fortunate for the problem.  

 You suck, have another donut, forget I said anything.  



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