Timberlake bad artist in pajamas

Watching the Superbowl halftime show, more precisely, Justin Timberlake dancing like he had ants in his pants -- god, I can't believe I said that, I have become my father.   All I'm trying to say, is seeing Mr Timberlake in a deer-hunter shirt was strange.   I mean, when did artist become such fakes?   Timberlake is not hunter, heck, he barely qualifies as metro-sexual: an anomaly if there ever were one.  Not like the artist of old.  Take for example, or should I SAY par exemple, on this day in 1897, a true artist by the name of Marcel Proust met his critic Jean Lorrain in a pistol duel.  Proust's feelings were hurt by a bad review he received from the critic, and so, he challenged him to a gun-fight!   Both men missed each other and so lived to tell the tale, but neither of them danced about in hunter's pajamas.

Speaking of which, now is the time to show my viewing audience the last known photo of Marcel Proust; it is a photo of Proust on his deathbed taken by another great artist who never danced in pajamas:  Man Ray.   

photo of Proust by Man Ray
Speaking of death, on this day in 1996, if you shopped at a Safeway supermarket and purchased tomato puree, you purchased and consumed the first genetically modified product ever put on a shelf.  The tomato had been grown in California and had been specially created to remove the gene that could cause them to rot.  So, the tomato doesn't rot, but you do.  (For a list of the top 20 GMO Foods, visit our friends at Global Healing Center.)

Finally, on this day in 1969, a bad-ass, funny television show premiered and was canceled at the first commercial break.  Seems they were talking about "sex" too much.  Here's that story (after-which you need to go back to work.)

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Thanks For Being!