So Nikolas Cruz confesses to murdering 17 students and teachers at the school he was expelled from.   It's not even news anymore that some zit-faced kid who owns an assault weapon (this case legally), gets his name out of the book of mediocrity by shooting up a school.   The country will morn for a few days, but come next Monday, everything will be back to normal and the NRA will not be called out for why a 19 year old needs an AR-15, a .223-caliber rifle, the same gun used in the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting as well as most of the other senseless murders.   The A$ 15 is the civilian version of the M16, the military weapon used to fight for freedom by the US Marines since 1983.

So a kid who can't walk into a bar and order a beer can purchase a deadly weapon made for nothing else but killing.

On a brighter note...

There is no brighter note.

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Thanks For Being!