George Bush: body politic dupe or lizard man?

The world may still be here today, so far, so let us move on.   Conspiracy:  quacks or facts?   One never can tell, however, consider for a moment this Top Secret C.I.A. memorandum from1951.  It was basically boasting of the good job the US Secret Service did in recruiting ex-Nazis to the US under the guise of Spies.   There's no doubt this was part of the smooth transaction of the Fourth Reich into existence as seen by current White Supremacist Leaders in the US.   This post, however, is not on that all-too-known fact, this post is to point out how people like George Bush were implanted into the US political system as electric officials who were covertly controlled by the C.I.A.   President Kennedy figured this out and so was murdered and the C.I.A has controlled the US since.

Take this memo.   In it you will read how while recruiting the Nazi spies into the US system, the writer of this Top Secret memo tells his readers that he has advised the Nazi Spy not to seek political office in Germany, for they had other plans for him.   What is weird it the matter-of-fact tone of the Fascist activity.    This is definitely approached as the status quo for any modern political system.   Just look at Russia, their leader (Putin On The Ritz), was a high-ranking KGB officer who hated the US (as well as Jews and people-of-color).

All I want you to realize in this CIA memo, is that they do point out that the Spy Organization of governments planting their agent into the body politic, is the norm.   And so, my brothers and sisters, how can you for one instant believe that this hasn't happened in the US?   And if it has, George Bush is the smoking gun?

You've been duped.   Wake up, you have no freedom, you are being watched and controlled by the most corrupt system ever.   You are food for them, poultry, like the chickens crammed into cages living off their own fetus to bring you your weekly Chic-Fil-A fix (which doesn't hire Gays by-the-way, because Jesus would hate that -- which is probably a good thing for the LGBTQ community.)


But then, George Bush is an Alien Lizard, isn't he?

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Thanks For Being!