Ah, February 11th, the two-pillars of faith.  On this day in 1937, the American auto workers won a major victory when General Motors signed the first union contract in the U.S.  The agreement came after a 44-day sit-down strike at the Fisher Body plant in Flint, Michigan.  This victory for the people created a middle-class in the USA.   The true demise of this win for the middle-class came to an end on this day too in 1975 when Margaret Thatcher became the first woman to led a British conservative party.   From day one she privatized England's welfare state and the divide between rich and poor have grown to an extreme since.  But you don't want to hear about this do you, you're doing okay with a decent paycheck so f*&k the rest.   Why for art thou?

Some idea may be formed of the scarcity of food in this city from the fact that, while my youngest daughter was in the kitchen today, a young rat came out of its hole and seemed to beg for something to eat; she held out some bread, which it ate from her hand, and seemed grateful.  Several others soon appeared and were as tame as kittens.  Perhaps we shall have to eat them!

                                                                                  -- John Beauchamp Jones February 11th, 1863. 

February 11, 1693
While the General Court discussed the bounty on wolves, Lydia and Sarah Dustin, Elizabeth Coleson, and Sarah Cole (all of them acquitted on the charge of witchcraft) were transferred from Boston to the Cambridge jail until their fines could be paid. 

Finally,  on this day in 2014, more proof the wealthy know we are idiots:  A massive natural gas explosion in Green County, Pennsylvania, literally rocked the earth and caused an intense, five-day inferno.  No worries, though.  Oil giant Chevron, owner of the fracking well that caused it, found a way to make it right with those neighbors immediately impacted by the blast: Free pizza!  One hundred gift certificates -- "Special Combo Only" -- were mailed with a nice note form Chevron -- a gesture, blogger Will Bunch of the Philadelphia daily News noted, that might as well have read:  The Chevron Guarantee: Our well won't explode...or your pizza free."
(Bad Days in History pg. 66)

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Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!