3rd Planet Trasmission for Februray 2nd

February 2nd, a weird day here on planet three of the Nour Solar System, for on this day in the year 1046, the 200-year cold period began according to the old-Anglo-Saxon Chronicle: "no man alive...could remember so severe a winter."

It would get colder though, in the year 1494 on this day a phony by the name of Christopher Columbus would begin using the natives of the land he claimed to have discovered -- even though everyone knew the Vikings had already been there and left ruins to prove it -- as slaves because they didn't worship his Caesar god.   They worshiped another god:  The 3rd Planet of Nour!

And boy was the 3rd Planet pissed about it too, for on this day in the year 1556, she would shake the shit out of the Chinese provinces of Shanxi and Henan and kill more than 800,000 people.

Also on this day in 1624, Dutch settlers established New Amsterdam at the southern end of Manhattan Island.  The British later renamed it New York.   It's funny how today those lucky bastards who were given that land for nothing, still rule by using claims that they earned it with their labor, when in fact, they add no value at all to this planet from what I can see.  

That's it from the third planet of the Nour Solar System of which they call Earth at this time, but in two days, February 4th, that will change.

End of transmission

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Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!