Meltdown Bug or False Flag?

Ok, I am no expert, but I'm not a novice neither regarding this "Spectre Meltdown" bug recently announced in the media days after congress passes the "Net Neutrality."  First, the Net Neutrality" law just passed is going to do for the internet what the deregulation under Ronald Reagan did for the free press.   That's right, one-by-one we saw the newspapers, radio,  and television companies consolidated to where only a few giants (and very conservative) remain.   The same this will happen with information on the internet once this "Net Neutrality" thing plays out.   What will happen is the same big money guys who own the press will now control the data flow.   More precisely, the information they want you to have will be spontaneous and easy to use, the information they don't (for instance, this blog) will look like a 1996 webpage.

1990's webpage

 For 30 percent of Americans who are buying what they are selling, it won't matter, they're the ones buying the lies of democracy, binging on sports shows, Sunday worships, and snobby meals they think make them, special. They aren't the ones who will notices anything because they will still be able to see what their pathetic facebook friends had for dinner or how Aunt Martha's wedding cake turned out so delicious.  No, that info will be streaming like a Fox News telecast at the Pentagon on election night.   What won't be so easily found because it will be pushed back so far on your search engine you'll have to go back forty-two thousand light years to find it, will be those photos of the starving kids left outside your gated community that some radical took with his/hers iPhone, or photos of the Iraqi kids killed by US drones, or anything to do with true decent: i.e., Wikileaks!  

I worked as a computer operator in the U.S. Navy with a top-secret clearance in the early days of computing -- yes, the Big Blue days with hard-drives the size of Dick Chaney's balls; after this, I worked fifteen-years for a software company designing and installing secure software for banking systems.  I know about "bugs" and "viruses," and can tell you what they are telling you is not possible?   You're hardware can't be permanently programmed to do shit.   Any nine-year old can replace a chip or/and hard-drive; and, if someone can design a program to do something like attach itself to your hard-drive, then, someone else can easily come along and undo it.   Therefore, this "meltdown" thing makes as much sense to me as a single gunman blowing the brains out-of-a popular president who couldn't be bought by the war profiteers, or a 100 story building falling to ashes in a neat pile from a plain crash.

The chip meltdown is a false flag to help destroy our access to information they don't want us to have.   The truth.

And remember, folks,  once it is gone it is too late to get it back.   Stand up now!   Stop drinking the Kool-Aid.   Demand money out-of-politics.  Demand to see Donald Trumps tax-returns and all his Soviet Union write offs.  Demand to see an itemized statement for our war debt and who other than the Bush family is/has profited. And most importantly:  Demand a third and forth party.   Vote for only INDEPENDENCE WHO ARE NEITHER REPUBLICAN OR DEMOCRAT, BUT AMERICAN!  That's right, a peoples party!

If we all commit to not voting for anymore Democrats or Republicans, let's see what we get.

It is this kind of information they don't want you to have, and soon you won't.

Dang, I think my computer chip is melting.   Help me...

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Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!