cha-ching, cha-ching, goes the war machine!

"If a 6 turns into 9, I don't mind.  I don't mind."  Jimmy Hendrix sang on his 1967 (December 9 release date in Britain) song titled: "If 6 was 9."

Was this on Donald Trumps mind this week when on December 6, 2017, he officially ignited World War 3 by moving the US embassy to Jerusalem three days before intifada?

I'm Jewish and will tell you, the Zionist are out-of-control and the Palestinians are being done wrong -- don't get me wrong, the Palestinians are not totally innocent and acting like rats in a corner by wearing those black ski-mask isn't helping their public-image problem, still, they have rights for Jerusalem too, if not more... there,  said it!  And to be completely honest with you, I've yet to meet one Jewish friend who thinks the Zionist aren't out-of-control... it's always a rather Right-Wing Christian who usually ends the argument with, "God's Will."  I'm not going to ague that here, but will suggest you read this Historical Timeline regarding the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict for the facts.

I do have to admit that this is probably one of the few things Donald Trump has done that I don't question his sanity over, I mean, he did campaign on it, and although he didn't do it on DAY ONE as promised, he did get to it on day 320.  The main reason I appreciate Trump doing this is it means that he isn't secretly following the Breitbart boys and their Holocaust Denying Ways.  The other thing is,  maybe the Israeli-Palestinian thing does need the George Bush tact to get any real resolution; and just as George Bush JR, our 43 president, said he was "...tired-of-swatting flies..." and so started killing Iraqi children eventually got rid of a despotic leader in Iraq, Donald Trump's war will certainly get rid of one here in the USA: him.

Why am I saying this?   It's in the numbers.  The sixth, seventh, and ninth day of the last month of the year are considered to be an extremely unlucky time according to Grafton in his Manuel (a sixteenth-century book of unlucky days as determined by professional star-gazers). Examples: on December 6, 1790, the U.S. Congress moves from New York City to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania... and we know how long that lasted.  In 1972, on December 6, the U.S. launched Apollo 17, the last manned ("crewed mission" intentionally not used in this context since they were launched from a folic symbol designed by Nazi scientist) mission; how many people have been on another planet since Apollo 17 (that we are told about)?  The list goes on, but consider this: besides voodoo numbers, why would any person in his right mind announce such an aggressive in-your-face act as Donald Trump has just three days before the historic December 9th anniversary of the 1987 Palestinian intifada ("shaking off") protest unless they wanted a fight?  Is there any doubt that it is going to get ugly?  I'm writing this post at 10pm on December 8th, knowing that December 9th will be the "6" Donald Trump and his war-profiting-predatorial-capitalist have turned into "9."  Yes, they're all sitting back smoking fat cigars tonight waiting to see tomorrow's violence,  OPPPSSS, I mean "peace" as Donald Trump stated with his announcement: cha-ching!

Cha-ching, cha-ching,  sings the war machine!


On a brighter note, on this day in 1989 the Nobel Prize for medicine went to Rita Levi-Montalcini.

In troubled times, during the dictatorship of Mussolini, Rita had secretly studied nerve fibers in a makeshift lab hidden in her home.

Years later, after a great deal of work, this tenacious detective of the mysteries of life discovered the protein that multiplies human cells, which won her the Nobel.

She was about eighty by then and she said, "My body is getting wrinkled, but not my brain.  When  can no longer think, all 'll want is help to die with dignity."

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Thanks For Being!