War on Drugs and an Apple for Love

In 1986 President Ronald Reagan gave us The War on Drugs.   It's big business in the USA, the country with the most drug addicts in the world.   Before President Obama brought compassion back by releasing non-violent drug offenders and expanding medical coverage to help get these addicts the real drugs they needed, a new jail opened in the United States every week.

Guess what, under the current leadership of Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions, the jailers-for-profit are back in business....


On a lighter note, on October 27 in Cornwall England, the love divination of Allen Apple Day was all the rage for unmarried men and women.  Each individual would pick an Allen apple and place it under his or her pillow.  Arising at dawn, the single man or woman would wait under a tree.  The first eligible person to pass was destined to be his or her future spouse.

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Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!