Happy Birthday Earth-Burn In Hell Goebbels

"I have no friends and no wife.  I seem to be going through a major spiritual crisis.  I still have the same old problems with my foot, which gives me incessant pain and discomfort.  And then there are the rumors, to the effect that I am homosexual.  Agitators are trying to break up our movement, and I'm constantly tied up in minor squabbles.  It's enough to make you weep!"

     From the October 26, 1928 entry in the diary of Joseph Goebbels.   

    Joseph Goebbels served as minister of propaganda for the German Third Reich under Adolf Hitler—a position from which he spread the Nazi message.


On this day in the year 4004 B.C.E, according to the calculatins of James Ussher, a seventeenth century Anglican archbiship, God created the Earth.  

Happy Birthday Earth! 

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Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!