Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day, the annual Butter Lamp Festival is held to render demons powerless on this day.   This festival is held by Buddhist monks in Tibet to secure the favor of the gods.  Yak-butter sculptures of Buddhist heroes are paraded through the streets as sacred chants are recited.  After the procession, the sculptures are then cast into the waters of a river.

In deed, what a beautiful day.


Speaking of Buddha, a 5-year-old girl in Oklahoma has become the youngest person to ever qualify as a contestant in the National Spelling Bee.   She did so by correctly spelling the word “jnana."   Yes, the Sanskrit word for "knowledge" in Indian philosophy and religion. The idea of jnana centers on a cognitive event which is recognized when experienced. It is knowledge inseparable from the total experience of reality, especially a total or divine reality (Brahman).

The girl's name is Edith Fuller, already an esoteric genius.   

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