The Eclipse, Full Moon, and War with Iran.

The Eclipse, Full Moon, and Commit thing is here.  I wrote about it a few days ago and the story continues.  I think it is pretty obvious that something strange is going to happen tonight.  I for one, will be watching for another of those Friday-night tweets by Sir Donald Trump to see what crazy policy he wants to throw at the world (among others, the Travel Ban was tweeted on a Friday night).

I'm thinking Sir Donald Trump is going to do something really draconian like require all woman to wear dresses (as he has in the White House) in public, or send for the arrest of The Video Bohemian who has been writing bad things about him (Sir Donald Trump has also threatened to do things like this to his opposer in the past).

What also needs to be considered in the esoteric realm of things on this Friday the 10th, 2017, is that in pre-Christian times the goddess Anaitis was honored on this day in the country of Persia (now Iran).  She was a deity who was said to have possessed great powers over the Moon and the seas.  Given that this date also marks the anniversary of Iran's  1979 Islamic Revolution which led to the  taking of 52 Americans hostage for 444 days, and yesterday's remarks by the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who said that President Donald Trump had shown the "real face" of the United States, by not living up to our nuclear deal with them....

Hold on to your seats boys and girls, something fucked up is most definitely possible tonight.

Eso Joe

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Thanks For Being!