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On February 2nd of each year the Candlemas Sabbat is celebrated by Pagans and Witches throughout the world.  Candlemas (which is also known as Imbolc, Oimelc, Bride Day, and Lady Day) is a fire festival celebrating the coming of Spring when the Goddess returns to Her people, once more virgin, once more bringing blessings.

For those in a coven, Candlemas is traditionally a time for the initiation of new witches by the High Priestess who wears a brilliant crown of thirteen candles on top of her head.  It is also a time of new beginnings and spiritual growth and is usually represented by the "sweeping out of the old," symbolized by the sweeping of the circle with a besom (a Witch's broom). 

For those of us who do not belong to a coven,  the solitary or Hedge Witch that is, the celebration
can be personalized in many ways.   As Rae Beth suggest in her book The Wiccan Path, the celebration can be tranquil, might place fresh spring flowers in your room....  In the evening, you might light a candle to the worship of the Maiden and the Young God, and then give thanks for the inspiration of the spring light.   Then you might dream and ponder, meditation deep within yourself about old ways and old ideas you now mean to leave behind, with winter. 

The Pagan celebration of the Candlemas Sabbat in ancient Europe was celebrated with a torchlight procession to purify and fertilize the fields before the seed planting season, and to honor and give thanks to the various deities and spirits associated with agriculture.

And of course, as with all of the Pagan celebrations, the Candlemas celebrations too were Christianized over time by the Roman Church and so was renamed as The Feast of St Brigid.  Fortunately for truth, it never took off like the other stolen celebrations of Christmas and Easter have.

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Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!