The solstice lunar eclipse is here!

The Winter Solstice Sabbat is celebrated by Wiccans and Witches throughout the world.  Winter Solstice (which is also know as Yule, Winter Rite, Midwinter, and Alban Arthan) is the longest night of the year, marking the time when the days begin to grow longer and the hours of darkness descrease.  It is the festival of the Sun's rebirth, and a time to honor the Horned God*.  (The aspect of the God invoked at this Sabbbat by certain Wiccan traditions is Frey, the Scandinavian fertility god and deity associated with peace and prosperity.) Love, family togetherness, and accomplishments of the past year are also celebrated.  On this Sabbat, Withces bid farewell tothe Great Mother and welcome the reborn Horned God who rules the dark half of the year.

As a special Sabbat this December 21, 2016, there will be a rare solstice lunar eclipse.   So grab your crystals and wands and look up between 1:30am and 3:30am New York time.  If you are Native American, tonight is the night to shoot burning arrows skyward at the eclipse to drive off the monster which is eating the sun.  Sure it may be a folklore, but the facts are the monster never has won and the sun has always returned:  keep up the good work! 

 *Horns, associated mainly with the great goat of the witches' sabbat, and all forked or two-pointed objects recall the Devil.  They deny the One (God) and proclaim the Two (God and the Devil).  Whoa, I just got political, sorry.

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Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!