Another Christian (not so truth) To Keep The Pagan Down

I use to lunch with a guy I worked with from India.  He was a vegetarian and so was I at the time and so we teamed up to order no-meat dishes in a heavily Christian suburb of Dallas called Plano.   Being the New-Age Pagan that I am, we talked religion more than once.   On one occasion he told me the story of when he was a kid and the Christians came into their town and tried converting them by taking the families for a ride in a Mercedes that they said, "Jesus Christ has blessed us with."

The long car trips were always the same, they were driven away from everything and then told the car had broken down.  Stuck in the middle of nowhere with nothing to eat or drink they would try to start the car but nothing would happen.  Eventually, they would ask their Hindus passengers to pray for the car to start, and when it wouldn't, they would begin their conversation on Jesus:  "So, why isn't Krishna helping us..."  This would go on for sometime until they would ask the passengers: "Pray to Jesus, just once, and see what happens!"  Of course, with the help of adjusting the clutch or some other trickery, the car started!!!  Hurray!!!  "You know who to pray to now don't you?...  See you Sunday!"

I can't say I was surprised to hear of the trickery in the name of Christ; after all, I had already been to Italy and saw how the Catholic church had tried hiding the Pagan truth.  How the Christians used trickery to build their church by coming to the Pagan festivals and pushing Jesus.   Of course, history does show that after Constantine put out his edicts to convert to Christianity or die,  the Pagans had no choice but to rename their festivals to such things as Christmas, Good Friday, and Easter, but inside they knew the real purpose of their celebrations: Harvest, Solstice, Mother Earth....  Unfortunately, their children's children didn't and would grow up celebrating a false religion.

Okay, so that is a very brief outline of how it all happened and everyday I wonder why people don't just wake up and say, "Cut the shit!" So we can get back to our real spiritual beings.

But then, I read stories such as this one I just found in a magazine called, the Faith Filled Family:

Southeast Asian Leader Comes Back to Life After Being Prayed Over

A previously unreached village located in southeast Asia was converted to Christianity after they witnessed a miracle performed by Christ.
Their apparently dead leader miraculously came back to life after people prayed over him.
President of the Southern Baptist International Mission Board, David Platt, commented that it was a modern-day resurrection from the dead.  He told the story in Nashville.
A local southeast Asian Christian who was recently converted by Southern Baptist missionaries took some friends and began sharing the gospel in a village that, according to Baptist Press, had previously been unreached.
The response from the local villagers was positive, and they began to burn anything associated with the occult.
Then, the village leader died.
The villagers, believing that they angered local spirits by turning to Christ, asked for their ritual objects to be returned.
Christians went to where the leader lay, and prayed for a miracle over his body.  They requested that God show His mercy to the local villagers, show His glory, and love to that people who were close.
Miraculously, the man coughed, and began breathing!  Platt said this miracle encouraged the Christians to evangelize.
"So they shared the Gospel, and in the days to come, people started coming to faith in Christ and that village starting burning their idols."
Platt is unsure as to whether the leader died or not, but  "Even if he wasn't dead, God sure chose an opportune moment for that guy to cough."
Platt commented that there are things that he does not know, but he says that the gospel of a God who conquered death on the cross and tell the dead to come to life is something that he is confident in.
Platt concluded that it was an example of "God's power to supernaturally save sinners."
This news encourages us all in our faith walk!


Sound familiar?  


Get Back In Your Cave Zombie!


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