Alien Space Base?

So here's the poop:  KIC 8462852, aKa "Tabby's Star," is out there and it is dong crazing things like going down in luminosity by 20 percent at random times.  Most scientist (not affiliated with the Republican party) agree that these crazy jumps and dips in luminosity are not known at this time, and most Ufologist (not affiliated with the Democratic party) agree it is an alien controlled structure.  

Whatever is happening there, it is an important study by more than just the folks at Huffington Post and Gaia TV,  i.e., respectable gastronomist such as Jason Wright, the Penn State astronomer who found the star, and scientist Bradley Schaefer of Louisiana State University who is actually talking about  it.  

Yes, even NASA is admitting this is a co·nun·drum!

Wow, disclosure is happening baby!

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