Ouch: Day of Blood for Cybele

In ancient Rome on this date, March 24, our ancestors mourned.  For it was the annual religious custom on this for people to lacerate themselves with knives and for new priests to castrate themselves and spill their good on the altar in the temple of the Mother-Goddess Cybele .

Cybele, the Great Mother Goddess in a Classical Guise.
The statue is representing a seated mature woman. On her head she wears a so-called mural crown formed as a city wall in ashlar masonry with seven corner turrets and three gates. The wall is surmounted by a parapet with merlons.
With her left hand she originally supported a frame drum similar to a tambourine, while beside there once stood a lion. She is Cybele, the great Oriental Mother Goddess. From early times she was venerated in Greece, and later in Rome where she was called Magna Mater, the great mother.
Representations of the goddess were widespread and small marble temples, naiskoi, wherein the goddess sits, are found all over the Mediterranean.

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Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!