Seance Diary

An alphabet was put on a sheet of paper to spell words by.  M. appeared to experience disturbance in chest and throat, and over top of the head, while there was great restlessness of the limbs.  "My dear husband, do not be too impatient with me, for I will soon overcome the earth conditions, by constant attention to the laws governing control.  I am so sorry to force you to witness those conditions, that characterized the last scenes of my earth life.  Do not worry; for these are only earthly conditions, that will soon be over with, when we shall enjoy a glorious communion with one another.  O how thankful I am to the medium, who has so generously offered himself to aid me in my elevation out of earth's conditions.  I would so much like to speak with you, but the guardian informs me that M.'s organism is not in that condition of quietude necessary to control his vocal organs.  God bless him, for he is just as anxious to aid me, as I am to enjoy the blessed opportunity of communing with you.  God bless him and you.  Good darling R.  -- a thousand kisses for both.  Goodbye, dear husband, until we meet again.  Dr. C. here on our side is looking into your physical condition and finds it in such a state that he is very anxious about you, and will give you some advice in regard to your health.  You can trust yourself to him for he is one of the highest and he speaks a message from the wise angels who are striving at all times to benefit and enlighten earth's children.  They do their work in the light of God's divine laws.  The bright spirits composing this circle send you greeting., and wish you to understand that they are ever watchful of your interests spiritually.  Bless you again.  From your dear wife.

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Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!