No phenomena except trance writing as follows: "Good morning, my dear husband.  I am so glad that you have given the blessed opportunity of communicating with you.  Much depends upon yourself.  The bright spirits composing the circle are kindly aiding me with all in their power.  This is much, when you consider that they have to forego other duties in order to do this.  All is governed by a desire to aid in consideration for my wishes and your elevation.  They inform me that it may be some time before conditions are ripe for a complete manifestation of my presence to you, but you can be assured that the time is close at hand.  The friends (who are) conducting this circle tell me that all other manifestations will have to give way to me, until M.'s organization is used to the peculiar influence of myself.  I am so anxious to have you (personally conscious of me), that (I cannot sufficiently control my anxiety to attain success, and now) the spirits say, that my earnestness retards development.  Goodbye, my dear husband.  Kiss for R.  Mrs. B.

"Do not be over-anxious for phenomena.  The time is not far distant when everything will be harmonious n our side; for this is essential for success.  Be of good cheer.  Very soon the light from the celestial will make all things clear.  Your friend, I. E. E."

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Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!