M. said, "there is a beautiful light over your head," and made a dialgram illustrating.  He wrote then, "From the inexhausible fountain of love and wisdom flow innumberable streams, guiding your footsteps into new fields of thought and action, illumining the way, making all things plain and clear.  Keep the mind pure and teachable, heed the inward voices, obey the soul's monitions.  God speaks.  Use all for the good of humanity's advancement in all avenues.  From your Celestial Guardians."

You diffuse too much mental force in your work: be careful there are danger signals ahead.  We will guide and protect; heed us when you are impressed to overtax your nervous system.  Your business is too mechanical to draw out the spiritual; it should be of more intellectual and spiritual nature.  The high angels have a glorious work for you to perform.  Prepare yourself.  Mrs. B. in second sphere.  Before last there was laying on of hands. 

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Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!