Medium said that he (he could see) streams of light enter the cerebrum, and come out more dense from the cerebellum.  The Dr. says that the influx of desire to simply impress is so strong, that he finds it difficult to come down to the purely human, (in order) to make ideas intelligible to (the apprehension of) men.  In speaking the other day of the sun angels he stated further that I should become acquainted with them, whose son (or disciple) your are.  After some physical restlessness M. wrote as follows, "Mr dear husband, how nice it would be if I could be with your and R. on this Christmas; although (I am) not in body, I will be with you in spirit.  Watch for my coming for I will certainly come in the depth of night, greeting you both with loving kisses.  Give R. that bag with what it contains, and tell him it is a Christmas present from his Moma, and that he must keep it always in remembrance of her.  Do not forget this, my dear husband, and for yourself, what shall I give?  You know whatr I always give for my present to you.  Goodbye."

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Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!