Did you ever wonder about how you came to be on this planet?  where did you -- and the other billions of human inhabitants of this Earth -- come from? 

The fact is, Earthlings are not the only tenant of this universe.  We only think we are.  There are countless other Solar Systmes throughout this vast universe in which highly intelligent human life forms are, at this very moment, living and breathing the same as you and I.   According to many of the ancient teachings, all of the planets of the Solar System are inhabited by intelligent beings.  Now, not all of these beings have physical bodies, but they do have etheric bodies which make them as alive as anyone on the blue planet.    

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Why "Black Lives Matter" matters!

When I was in a rock band at 19, we wrote a song called: There's Nothing New Under the Sun: It's all been done.   How true it is....

Thanks For Being!

Thanks For Being!